Dolvit ALLERGY 90 tablets


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Support in allergy
Tablets for dogs. Complementary feed.

Dolvit Allergy contains natural ingredients that help combat allergies provoked by various factors. Ingredients of the formula show anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity. The flavonoids contained in the product block allergic reactions and inhibit histamine release.


  • Components: Composition: products of plant processing: Sophora japonica extract, Urtica dioica extract, Nigella sativa extract, Rosa canina extract, Rosmarinus officinalis extract, spirulina, red sea algae (lithothamne), dry brewer’s yeast, calcium carbonate from oyster shells, calcium lactate, maltodextrin
    Additional information – content in 1 tablet
    Quercetin                75 mg
    Nettle                     150 mg
    Nigella sativa       150 mg
    Wild rose               150 mg
    Spirulina                  60 mg
    Rosemary                 10 mg
    Additives in 1 tablet
    Dietetic additives:
    Vitamin C                100 mg
    Vitamin B6                  60 μg
    Pantothenic acid    300 μg
    Analytical constituents
    Calcium 10,8%, Crude fibre 2,3%, Crude protein 10%, Crude ash 23,8%, Oils and crude fats 4,5%
  • Instructions: dogs under 20 kg body weight – 1 tablet / day
    dogs over 20 kg body weight – 2 tablets / day



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