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  • Dolvet Parasit contains natural plant extracts: pumpkin seed, thyme, fennel and absinthe, diatoms which support getting rid of internal parasites. The components of the formula help to remove parasites from the intestine, without damaging the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.
  • Components: Composition: products of plant processing: pumpkin seed extract, thyme extract, fennel extract, absinthe extract
    Additives in 1 kg: Diatomaceous earth (E551c) 120 g
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 11,5%, Crude fibre 2,8%, Crude fats 0,5%, Crude ash 4,7%
  • Instructions: 1 measure (0,6 g) for 5 kg body weight daily
    Administer for 7 consecutive days.
    After this period, one should take a 10 days break, and repeat the administration if necessary.
  • Content of a package: 70 g



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