Over Horse White Horse Shampoo 400ml


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Shampoo for white and light coated horses

Shampoo with a unique composition, designed for horses with fair coats. It includes such outstanding ingredients as silk proteins, amber extract and organic lemon extract. Silk proteins preserve water on the surface of hair, and ensure hair is beautifully arranged with a healthy, shiny appearance. Amber extract strengthens hair roots and protects against harmful UV rays. Organic lemon extract helps maintain the fair colour of the coat. In addition, vitamin C and flavonoids protect the hair against oxidation
The shampoo does not contain salt (sodium chloride), so the delicate horse skin is not irritated.
The shampoo matches the natural pH level of skin.
For baths: dissolve 50 ml of shampoo in a bucket of lukewarm water. Spread evenly on skin, mane and tail with a sponge, gently massage the lather in, rinse thoroughly with water.

Be sure to avoid the areas around the eyes and mucous membranes. Repeat the procedure as often as necessary, but always bear in mind the horse’s health (with regard to the conditions and temperature for the horse after the bath).

Available container: 1000 ml


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