Johnson`s 4fleas Dual Action Room Fogger TWIN PACK


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Each fogger kills fleas & protects  for up to 7 months

Directions for use :

Shake  well before use.

To avoid risks to man & the environment,comply with the instructions for use.

For effective results treat the whole house.

One fogger will treat 35m2 i.e 7m x 5m.

Remove all pets but ensure pet bedding is treated as this is a hiding place for fleas.Close exterior doors and windows ;open doors interior doors and cuppboards of areas to be treated.Place Fogger on raised area table or chair & protect with newspaper under the can.

Keeping at arms length,point the top of the can away from your face  and press down on the actuator until it locks.

Once activated ,the can will discharge the entire contents. Set the can upright and leave the treatment area.

Keep area closed for 2 hrs , then open all the doors and windows and air for 30 min.

The Fogger will only treat exposed surfaces.

4fleas room Fogger will also kill ants ,cockroaches ,ticks,earwings,silverfish,other bristletails,centipedes,spiders & beetles on contact.



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