Deodol 90 tablets


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Neutralizes bad odors.
Tablets for dogs. Complementary feed.

Properties: Chlorophyll – is a natural, green plant pigment which inhibits formation of dog’s odors: bad breath, bad body odor, feces odor, ‘heat odor’.
Zinc amino acid chelate has the unique property: it can attach to sulphur compounds (e.g. hydrogen sulfide) responsible for bad odors.
Extract Yucca Schidigera regulates the passage of ingesta and makes feces smell less troublesome.
Dry beer yeast – is a valuable source of B vitamins which regulate digestive processes.

How to apply:
small dogs: 1 tablet / day
middle-sized dogs: 2-3 tablets / day
big dogs: 4-6 tablets / day
During heat, the number of tablets may be doubled.

Additives in 1 tablet
Chlorophyl 20 mg
Zinc from chelate 10mg
Extract of Yucca Schidigera 75 mg
dry beer yeast

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 27,5%, Oils and crude fats 2,1%, Crude ash 15,8%, Crude fibre 2,5%

Content of a package: 90 tablets


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