Chitofos Paste


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  • ChitoFos Paste contains ingredients which support renal function.
    Chitosan – a component of sea crustaceans which eliminates harmful substances (uremic toxins) from the body. Calcium carbonate binds phosphorus and creates insoluble phosphate salts, which limits its excess in the organism.
  • Components:Composition: soybean oil, lecithin, chitosan, calcium carbonate, dry brewer’s yeast
    Additional information: Chitosan 106 000 mg/kg
    Analytical constituents: Crude protein 3%, Crude fibre 0,2%, Oils and crude fats 35%, Crude ash 35%, Calcium 5%, Phosphorus 0%, Potassium 0%, Sodium 0%
  • Instructions:1 tea spoon = 6 g per 20 kg body weight daily
    The amount of formula can be divided in two servings per day.
    Administer with a meal.
  • Content of a package:50 g


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