FUS TEST (Feline Urologic Syndrome) for Cats 3x10g


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FUS TEST – early detection of urinary tract infections in cats. Simple and safe monitoring of cat’s heath.

3 x 10g

Urinary tract infection is the most common feline disease. FUS (feline urologic syndrome) can attack animals in different age. It is a irritation, inflammatory or even occlusion of lower part of urinal tract. Symptoms, which can be observed with FUS are: frequent urination in small amounts, blood in the urine, pain caused loud meowing, reluctance to use the litter box, lack of appetite, anxiety, apathy. Application of the test allows early detection of changes in urological cats.




1. Contents of the sachet should be spread evenly in a litter box filled with litter to have a frequent contact with cat urine.

2. Check the litter box on daily basis in order to control the colour of the granules. Natural Colour – YELLOW – the result does not show infection. RED colour – be sure to go to the vet in order to conduct more research.
3. When replacing the entire litter in the litter box for a new one, pour the contents of another sachet.



IMPORTANT: The results obtained during the test is preliminary and is not a substitute for veterinary diagnosis.


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